Welcome to Everything iTunes

August 19, 2007

This site is dedicated to Windows Users! (both XP and Vista)
*NOT Mac Users!*

Now that’s cleared up, here’s the shiz…

iTunes Scripts
A collection of Windows scripting examples that can be used to sort your iTunes music library.
They are in .vbs (visual basic script) or .js (javascript) format, and rely on the Windows Script Host (WSH) to run. It’s more than likely that you unknowingly already have this installed on your computer. It’s the equivalent of Applescript on a Mac

As the name would suggest, this is a collection of downloadable iTunes plugins – they work on WinXP but may also work on Windows Vista. These range from multi-plugin to multimedia keyboard fixes and Last.FM iTunes integration.

Sneaky Tips
This is a collection of iTunes hints and tips to help with everything from converting songs to moving your iTunes library to another hard drive while maintaining the tags for your song files. It also inclides misc. topics like keyboard shortcuts and enhancing the visual elements of iTunes.exe

This section covers everything to do with networking and streaming iTunes music. For example, how to use Apple AirPort Express with AirTunes to play sound from any program, and how to set up a server on ubuntu linux to serve your library to iTunes on other computers on the LAN.

This iTunes FAQ is for both solved and unsolved problems and errors that users get when using the program. If you have any answers to anything here, please contribute in a comment, and it’ll be added to the site properly (with full credit to the author).

Thanks for visiting!