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FAQ #01 – Visualizer on Multiple Monitors

When i use dual-monitors, and run the iTunes visualizer maximised on one of the screens, the other (primary monitor) turns blank and cannot be used.
# The lame work-around is that this effect does not happen when the visualiser is not full-screen, so you could always simply disable full-screen mode.
# This feature is not implemented in iTunes. Give them Feedback!

FAQ #02 – Force PC to emulate AirTunes

Is there a way to make a windows machine emulate or act as an Airport Express Station, so that other computers will see it in the bottom of the iTunes window as a pair of Wireless Remote Speakers. This would allow a user to play music through a computer’s speakers from another computer, and be much cheaper than the £60 AirTunes station.
# It is possible to use Remote Desktop or VNC to control the Windows PC (even from a Mac) and then stream songs across the network using iTunes’ built-in sharing facilities, but this is much more effort than simply ticking a box on the Primary computer.
# More [here]

FAQ #03 – Remote control iTunes via AirTunes

How can I change track using the Hi-Fi, and what does “Allow iTunes Control from Remote Speakers” mean – how can i achieve this?
# This can be done most simply with a Keyspan Infra-Red Remote which connects to the USB port of the AirPort Express Base Station and allows controlling of iTunes remotely.
# Note: Using the keyspan remote only allows basic options: [Play/Pause/Stop/Previous/Next/Forward/Rewind]

FAQ #04 – Processing Album Artwork

What exactly does this mean, and what difference is there between this and the option to “Automatically Download Missing Album Artwork”?
# When you add songs to iTunes, some may have artwork saved in the tags. Since iTunes 7, the program has automatically processed each file and adds the artwork, if found, to its database in the form of an .itc file in “iTunes\Album Artwork\Local\****************\**\**\**\****************-****************.itc”. By doing this, iTunes is able to quickly display the artwork in CoverFlow view rather than waiting while the tags are searched. As far as i know, there is no way to turn this feature off, but you can stop it manually by clicking the little cross next to where it says “Processing Album Artwork” at the top of the iTunes window.

FAQ #05 – Album Art is not saved in Tags.

Why does the album artwork that iTunes automatically downloads not get saved when i move the song over to another media player?
# Setting iTunes to download the artwork does NOT add the artwork to the file tags, but instead only stores it in the database (in Album Artwork \ Download). This means, of course, that another program, such as Windows Media Player, cannot find the album art. You can ensure that nothing is downloaded by deselecting “Automatically Download Missing Album Artwork” in the General tab under Edit –> Preferences, then search Amazon.com or Google Images for the artwork and add it manually by pasting it into the artwork box.

FAQ #06 – Move or hide the iTunes taskbar button on primary monitor.

How can i hide the taskbar icon for iTunes when it’s running on a separate monitor? I hate having the iTunes bar at the bottom of the screen on my primary monitor, when clicking it only minismises or restores iTunes on the other monitor…
# This can be achieved in part by the TrayIt! plugin.
# Alternatively, by using Multi-Mon Taskbar you can create a separate taskbar on the second monitor which iTunes will show up on instead. Note, this requires the secondary monitor to be on the right, or the extra taskbar will appear with the Windows one.

FAQ #07 – Export Album Artwork as individual image files.

I’m doing a project where i need to export a massive number of album covers to their individual image files. It involves compiling a large poster of album artwork in collage-form. There is a rubbish solution to the same problem here.
# An added bonus of the iTunes Album Browser Widget is that it creates a folder full of all your artwork as part of it’s own database. Download it, then check in “C:\Documents and Settings\*USERNAME*\Local Settings\Application Data\Yahoo\Widget Engine\Widget Data\iTunes Album Browser\Covers”.
# Another option is to use a plugin for Last.FM called Gijsco’s Last.fm Desktop Generator which creates a picture collage from the artwork on your last.fm account. Of course, you’ll need to have played all your music through last.fm for this to work…


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