I have only come across a few plugins that work with iTunes for Windows, however they can achieve more functionality than scripting, due to the lack of variables in the scripting interface.

iTunes Plug-ins for Windows XP

  • Scroll to the bottom to see full details for each.
  • Some may also work with Vista.

Multi-Plugin [download] [details] [homepage]
*Incompatible with latest iTunes*
Features: Skinning, Font Changing, Menu Hiding, iTunes as WinAmp, Remove Unknown Album Folders, EvilLyrics Integration, and more!

mmKeys [download] [details] [homepage]
Makes your multimedia keyboard buttons work with iTunes when the program isn’t currently in focus, or is minimised.

TrayIt! [download] [details] [homepage]
Hides iTunes from the taskbar, moving it instead to the system tray. Especially useful when using a dual-monitor setup.

LastFM Scrobbling [download] [details] [homepage]
Makes your multimedia keyboard buttons work with iTunes when the program isn’t currently in focus, or is minimised.

OGG Vorbis Support [download] [details] [homepage]
This QuickTime plugin allows the user to play OGG Vorbis files in iTunes.

iTunes Agent [download] [details] [homepage]
Allows a Non-iPod MP3 Player to be synched with iTunes.

iTunes Album Browser Widget [download] [details] [homepage]
This Yahoo Widget allows complete control of iTunes, with built in pop-up notifier and other great features!

iTunes Export [download] [details] [homepage]
Exports playlists in your iTunes Music Library as standard .m3u playlist files.

Further Details and Installation Help:

Note: to uninstall this program you need to re-run the installer anc choose ‘Remove’.
This version only works with iTunes 7.0.2 (i think). Localhost; the person who makes it, has not made an updated version yet. The hompage linked above may not be the fullest feature list, but it’s the most recent (Sept 2006) documentation i can find on it. The software has of course been updated since this time!
Get old versions of Multi-Plugin here!

To use this plugin, simply copy the mmKeys.dll file into your plugins folder “C:\Program Files\iTunes\Plug-ins”
Apparently this issue was fixed in an early version of iTunes 7, but with the latest release the problem has re-surfaced. This plugin is great if you want your multi-media keyboard to be able to control iTunes when it’s behind another window or hidden in the system tray.

This plugin can be used to hide the iTunes taskbar button, and force it to stay in the system tray instead. You should first disable ‘Show iTunes icon in system tray’ or else it will be displayed there twice. Then you install the program to anywhere you like (I recommend C:\Program Files\TrayIt), then run TrayIt!.exe from that folder. Once open, go into the TrayIt! windows, right click on iTunes and choose ‘Edit Profile’. Under the ‘More’ tab, check the option to ‘Hide application from the taskbar all the time, keep tray icon only’.
This is especially useful if you have iTunes running continuously on a second screen, as you can remove the irritating button from the taskbar of your primary monitor. See also FAQ #6

LastFM Scrobbling
This program runs in the system tray to detect and upload information about the songs you’re playing within iTunes (and most other players) to your account on Last.Fm. It also download info about the artist and album currently being played, which you can view by clicking the tray icon. Last.FM for Windows is also capable of updating the songs you’ve played on your iPod (as long as it’s set to automatically update).

OGG Vorbis Support
OGG Vorbis is an open-source lossy format for storing audio. It’s arguably better than MP3 or AAC format, but much less common, so rarely used. This plugin allows playback of Xiph based files (like OGG Vorbis music or OGG Theora video) in QuickTime based application – notably iTunes and QuickTime itself. Make sure you download the Windows version, not the Mac one!

iTunes Agent
This program allows you to use any mass-storage device, like a USB stick or your MP3 player, with iTunes. You create a playlist and iTunesAgent will sync it to your player. You can even choose how the files are arranged on the device. Set-up takes a minute, but is fairly straight-forward when you read the FAQs on their homepage.

iTunes Album Browser Widget
Note: This requires the Yahoo Widget Engine to run.
Features include:
– iTunes controls and display that show information about the playing track/stream
– Announces the current playing track and album (popup window)
– Add any album to your desktop for easy access (separate window)
– Show artwork and rating in the Widget Dock
– Resizable to bar or icon size
– Sort your album collection up to 7 different ways
– Search for, add, delete and view (in full size) album artwork for your albums
– Search for albums by artist or album name
– Play or queue full albums
– Related links to iTunes Store, Pandora, and YouTube
– Bonus: Creates individual image files of all album art as part of its own database. [See FAQ #07]

iTunes Export
iTunes Export exports playlists defined in your iTunes Music Library to standard .m3u playlist files. (This is helpful because M3U playlists are compatible with other media players, and iTunes only has buil-in options to export playlists as .txt ot .htm files.)
iTunes Export is open source and freely available for use.
PlasticPlaylists does a similar thing in that it exports as nice-looking html files like this one.


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