It’s possible to stream music to AirTunes stations without using iTunes, with programs like Airfoil or a “Remote Speakers Output” plugin for WinAmp and Mediamonkey.

I know this site is meant to be for XP and other Windows users, but since i use a ubuntu server in my home to stream iTunes music to windows computers, i thought i’d show you how i set it up:

Streaming music across the network in your home can be very useful when you use more than one computer, as your main library need only be stored on one computer, rather than them all. It is possible to get it copied across to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) like the Netgear Storage Central, but it doesn’t offer the same features, and can cause problems if you’re changing a shared library from two computers simultaneously.

So… build a computer solely for media sharing; it doesn’t need a monitor or anything good, just an iTunes application to make the files available to iTunes on any of the other computers.

This can be done for free with Ubuntu. Using this instead of MacOS or Windows also has the added benefit of no 5-user-a-day limit as applied by iTunes itself.

There are two ways to do this – the easy way and the hard way

The easy way is described below. Note, it needs Ubuntu’s ‘Rhythmbox’ Music Player to be running the whole time, whereas the hard way only needs a service to run in the background… Not much in it if you ask me, and this is quite a bit easier..!

So, here goes:

In Ubuntu, open up ‘Applications’ –> ‘Sound & Video’ –> ‘Rythmbox Music Player’

Go to ‘Edit’ –> ‘Plugins…’ and check the box by ‘DAAP Music Sharing’ and click ‘Configure’

Here you can type a name and, optionally, a password to stop unauthorised access to your music.


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