Hints + Tips

Clip silence and extra length from tracks.

This can be useful when you have leading and/or trailing silence, for instance with ‘hidden tracks’ which follow lots of silence. This can also be used (very laboriously) to split up a single-track album into its individual songs.
First you need to work out the time at which the song in question begins and ends. Simply play it and write down the elapsed time displayed when the song begins and ends. Remember to be generous at each end, as it’s frustrating when a song begins straight away or ends suddenly without the last word or chord, for instance.
Now, in iTunes, right click on the song to be altered, and click “Get Info”. Click on the ‘Options’ tab, then next to where it says ‘Start Time’ or ‘Stop Time’ (or both) enter the time you chose earlier. Now click OK to close the box, and play the song. It should start and stop now where you decided it should. Of course, edit the start/stop time again if it begins or ends too abruptly. So far, you’ve just told iTunes which part of the file to play, but if you were to play it in another player, it would play all the silence too. To fix this, you need to right click it again and “Convert to … ” – Where ‘…’ could be MP3 or AAC or whatever you’ve got set. If this is the format you want the file as, click. If you’d rather have it in another format, navigate to Edit –> Preferences –> Advanced (tab) –> Importing (sub-tab) and have a rummage there.
Changing the Start/Stop time Changing the Importing settings
Note: If you have a bonus track hidden at the end of a normal track, after a chunk of silence, you need to do this method once for each song. First change the start time to the start of the second song, then check it and convert it. Then, using the original track again, change the start time back to 0:00 and the end time to where the first song ends.

iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of these are pretty boring, and obvious, but there are some that i certainly hadn’t found out for myself.

Play the selected song [Enter]
Plays to the next album in a list [Shift][Ctrl][Alt][Right]
Plays the previous album in a list [Shift][Ctrl][Alt][Left]
Create a new Smart Playlist [Shift][+]
Reshuffle the current playlist [Shift][Shuffle Button]
Delete the selected playlist immediately [Ctrl][Delete]
Delete the selected playlist and all the songs listed in it [Shift][Delete]
Check or uncheck all the songs in a list [Ctrl][Click checkbox]
Expand or collapse all the subfolders and lists [Ctrl][Click triangle]
Snap window to screen size [Shift][Double click the title bar]
Refresh the Radio or Party Shuffle list [F5]
Next Music Store Page [Ctrl][]]
Previous Music Store Page [Ctrl][[]
Mini Player [Ctrl][M]
Stream audio from a URL [Ctrl][U]

File Menu:
New Playlist [Ctrl][N]
New Smart Playlist [Ctrl][Alt][N]
New Playlist with selected songs [Ctrl][Shift][N]
Add File [Ctrl][O]
Close Window [Ctrl][W] or [Alt][F4]
Import… [Ctrl][Shift][O]
Get Info [Ctrl][I]
Show File [Ctrl][R]
Show File that is currently playing [Ctrl][L]
Print [Ctrl][P]

Edit Menu:
Undo [Ctrl][Z]
Cut [Ctrl][X]
Copy [Ctrl][C]
Paste [Ctrl][V]
Select All [Ctrl][A]
Unselect All [Ctrl][Shift][A]
Preferences [Ctrl][,]

Controls Menu:
Play / Pause [Spacebar]
Next song [Right]
Previous song [Left]
Next Chapter [Ctrl][Shift][Right]
Previous Chapter [Ctrl][Shift][Left]
Increase volume [Ctrl][Up]
Decrease volume [Ctrl][Down]
Mute [Ctrl][Alt][Down]
Eject Disc [Ctrl][E]

View Menu:
Toggle Browser [Ctrl][B]
Toggle Song Artwork [Ctrl][G]
Toggle MiniStore [Ctrl][Shift][M]
Toggle Visualizer [Ctrl][T]
List View [Ctrl][Alt][3]
Album View [Ctrl][Alt][4]
CoverFlow View [Ctrl][Alt][5]
Video/Viz: Half Size [Ctrl][0]
Video/Viz: Actual Size [Ctrl][1]
Video/Viz: Double Size [Ctrl][2]
Video/Viz: Fit to Screen [Ctrl][3]
Video/Viz: Full Screen [Ctrl][F]
View Options [Ctrl][J] or [Right click on a column heading]

*See also: Visualiser Keyboard Shortcuts

Multiple iTunes libraries.

Instead of opening iTunes normally, hold down ‘Shift’, as you click the shortcut, keeping it pressed while the application loads. You should see this message:
“Choose iTunes Library”
“iTunes needs a library to continue. You may choose an existing iTunes library or create a new one.”
[Quit] [Choose Library] [Create Library]
From this, you can create more than one library. For example I made one for music, one for audiobooks, and one for PDFs.

Visualiser Keyboard Shortcuts

Use Ctrl+T to initiate the iTunes Visualiser (ensure that it’s ticked under View –> Visualiser)

H or ? – Display help
F – Toggle frame rate display
T – Toggle frame rate capping
I – Display song information
D – Reset settings to default
O – Toggle overscan mode (this moves the track info away from the corner)
M – Select config mode – Modes are: [Freezing current config] [Random slideshow mode] [User config slideshow]
0-9 – Select user configs (Shift to set)
R – New random config
C – Display current config

There are also other options available (View –> Visualiser –> Options)


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